In addition to self-compassion, I share with my clients the concept of protecting their energy.  When a person is diagnosed with depression, there are some days where just getting out of bed will take an enormous amount of energy.  This is why acknowledging and protecting

“Refusing to forgive is like taking a lethal dose of poison and hoping it kills my enemy” – Max Lucado Why Forgive?? - Part One Forgive and Forget…is it possible?  Many would agree that this is not. How can you forget a situation that causes heartache, sadness, anger,

We often have so much on our plate, that self-care or taking time to reset seems virtually impossible and often unnecessary.  Between running errands, kids, house duties, and day to day tasks, many are left feeling that there are not enough hours in the day

Many individuals do not take their Mental/Emotional Health as serious as their physical health.  Poor mental health can negatively impact family relationships, job performance, academic performance, social interactions, motivation, energy levels, sleep patterns, eating patterns, sex drive, physical health (i.e., migraines, stomach upset, high blood