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Should I go to therapy?? What are the signs that seeing a therapist would be beneficial?

Many individuals wait until they are in crisis to seek therapy.  Whether the crisis is being fired from a job or the end of a relationship, many usually miss the signs that seeing a therapist would greatly benefit them.  Therapy definitely helps people overcome difficult situations and work through crisis. However, there are situations that could be worked through sooner and some crisis that can be avoided altogether, if one knows the signs which usually indicate that seeing a therapist would be beneficial.

Some common signs that indicate that you should consider going to therapy:

Inability to focus

Poor concentration

Forgetting to do tasks that you normally would remember

Completing tasks takes longer than usual

Increase in conflict with friends and/or family members

Loss of interest in activities that was once interesting

Feeling nonchalant regarding goals, work, school and/or family

Not feeling like yourself

Emotionally disconnected from people you felt strongly about

Increase/Decrease in sleep

Increase/Decrease in appetite

Feeling more irritable and less patient

Deep feelings of sadness

Waking up and getting your day started becomes extremely difficult

You make more mistakes than usual

Racing thoughts or not being able to “turn your brain off”

Family or friends complain about your behavior or “attitude”

Increase in alcohol consumption


Frequent headaches or stomach upset

–   Panic attacks/anxiety


These are just a few of the symptoms that could indicate that seeing a therapist would be helpful.  If you are proactive, and address these symptoms once you are aware of them, it definitely prevents situations and symptoms from worsening.  

Many times these symptoms go ignored for various reasons, with the number one reason being that we often don’t identify stress as a reason to seek help for mental health.  If you have the flu you go to the doctor, but if you are stressed and emotionally drained you just “deal with it until it passes.” Many are suffering in silence because of this way of thinking. Now stress is a part of life and we all are faced with it in one way or another. However, having 3 or more of the symptoms listed above indicates that your stress level can be negatively impacting you physically, socially and mentally.  This is when taking action is necessary.

You don’t have to wait until you receive the disciplinary action at work or until your partner has left you or your children have stopped speaking to you to seek professional help. You can take action now. In doing so, you will learn positive ways of coping with stress and also discover why certain feelings or behaviors continue to impact your life. Therapy is an opportunity for healing and enlightenment. Therapy is a chance to focus on yourself and work through difficult situations. It is an opportunity to make a most valuable investment in yourself!  Why not? If your car was making an unusual noise, would you wait until it stopped working to take it to the mechanic? Most people wouldn’t. \You don’t wait because you need your car, and not having it would impact every aspect of your life. So, why don’t we treat ourselves with the same respect? Your emotional health impacts every aspect of your life. Take time to invest in yourself: you invest in everything else. Are you just not as important as the hundreds of other things in your life you give your time and energy to? Absolutely not! So act like you matter, because you do, and so does your mental health!